Coral Springs, FL, October 30, 1997—How many times have you set your cigar down on the ground or on a hand rail, or placed it in your pocket only to have it destroyed? The solution is CigarMinder™, the all-purpose cigar clip for people on the move.”Whether you are on the golf course, on your boat, or simply sitting in your backyard, this clever clip will keep your cigar out of harm’s way,” says Harold Heydt, president of CigarMinder, Inc. “With the current upsurge in cigar smoking, some people are unprepared for the somewhat unique demands of enjoying a fine cigar. Among them is an appreciation for the fact that cigar smoking is not like rushing a cigarette in a hallway outside a smoke-free building. CigarMinder™ gives you the wherewithal to take your cigar with you, without worrying about the hostilities of the environment.”CigarMinder™ is made of quality plastic, has a ribbed handle for easy gripping, a clamp that holds it in place just about anywhere, and a light pressure spring that keeps your cigar in place without damage to the wrapper.

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